Adding new user:

  • Go to admin page, then to user manager
  • Complete all the inputs for new user(new user should be under „user, eicpl” groups)


  • All the permissions all under Access Control List Managment in the admin page
  • To set permission on specific page(or namespace) select it from the list
  • After that you can specify Permissions for user or group
  • To set permissions for user select „User:” from list and type user name after that
  • To set permissions for group you can select group name from the list like @eicpl
  • Then we need to select appropriate permissons from „none, read, write, create, upload, delete”

More about ACL can be found here:

Add extension:

Before adding extension we need to know that our Department page and EICPL wiki are sharing all extensions just like the users. One diffrence is that plugins can be disabled/enabled independently. It means that we can turn off one plugin on EICPL site and it will not affect Department page. From that fact we have already installed a lot of plugins(for now they are disabled) and we are free to use them. You can also install some plugins wihtout lists of installed plugins. Just go to Extension Manager(on admin page) and then Search and Install. Most of the extensions don’t need special steps and they will be enabled by default after installation.

TODO: TOC + TocTweak (

Manage sidebar:

If there is a problem with sidebar, go to Gathering links from /project is managed by simplenavi plugin